Lazy Evaluation Ranch

It's a pun, of course. All those instances lazy x ranch, and none of them reference Lazy Evaluation. We're just the ones to change all that!

Where we are

We are located on the unincorporated outskirts of Olympia in Cascadia.

Our land is bounded on one side by Chapman Creek1 which flows into Chapman Bay, which is adjacent to Woodard Bay. Both bays are on Henderson Inlet, a traditional watershed of the Squaxin people known as Noo-Seh-Chatl. Through that watershed, we are connected to the Salish Sea through Puget Sound.

Water says more about where and who we are than land. From our little creek, we are linked to the whole of the Pacific and all the waters of this Earth. Of course, like so much land on the Pacific Rim, on clear days we can we can glimpse a great volcano just barely through the treetops.

Who we are

We are Corvi Zeman and Juli Mallett and a wonderful host of ungulates, birds, bees, slugs, lizards and snakes.

Elsewhere on the Web

You can find us posting pictures and anecdotes and the like on our Facebook page.

1: There is some disagreement about the name, but this is how it's marked on some local surveys. It is probably not Sleepy Creek, which clearly begins and runs further north although the two merge in Chapman Bay, although some locals refer to it as such.